PC Mobile Ditches All Plans but One

20 October 2015

PC Mobile has seriously simplified its product line, ditching all plans in favor of a single option with unlimited Canada-wide (CW) talk and unlimited international text, picture and video messaging. There are no data options to select. Instead, you are charged based on what you use.

The size of your monthly bill will vary based on two things:

  1. How much data you have used that month
  2. Whether you chose a Super device, Regular device or brought your own cell phone

BYO Cell

$44 - $6


$44 base plan


$44 + $8





























Just what separates a “Super” and “Regular” device isn’t laid out too clearly on the PC Mobile website, but you can generally assume that something like the new Moto X Play, one of the better choices on the site, will be a Super phone, while something like the cheaper Moto G3 might fall in to the Regular category.

How does the data work?

It’s quite simple. Each month, you start paying $0 on top of the basic plan cost for the zero data you have used. That will jump to $10 on top of the basic cost the instant you use a single KB of data, which is likely to happen within the first few seconds of the billing period. As soon as your phone does anything using data transfer, even something automatically in the background, the $10 tier kicks in to affect. Assume this will happen no matter what, unless you have turned off mobile data on your device itself.

As you use more data, you pay more depending on what tier you fall within. At the end of the month, your bill is tallied and you start all over again the next month with that $0 data payment (that will probably jump to $10 very quickly).

This way, you pay less in the months where you use less data, and don’t get crazy overage fees or a slowed connection if you have a particularly heavy month.

The top 5GB tier may look pricey, but the idea is that you won't be using that much every month. Even people that fork out for the big plans often end up with a lot of unused data every month; data that they paid for. This way, you pay a little more per GB, but you don't end up paying for big chunks of unused data.

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