Best iPhone 6 Plus cases

15 January 2015

Whether or not you believe ‘Bendgate’ was a thing worth worrying about, it’s still a good idea to put a case on that big, beautiful iPhone 6 Plus. Whatever your reason, there’s doubtless a case to suit your purpose. We’ve grabbed a bunch of our favorite picks from around the web across a variety of styles and functions.


Price: $99 USD

Pad&Quill make highly-reviewed wallet cases that use leather for the external cover and wood for the internal bumper and phone housing. It’s a high-end case for folks that are willing to pay good money for great looks. The iPhone 6 Plus you can choose between brown and black leather, as well as options for blue, brown and grey for the interior.

Unfortunately, this is also a fairly bulky case. Back in the 4-inch screen days it wasn’t much of a problem, but on the hulking 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus every extra mm counts. If you’re already struggling with the size of your phone then adding this much extra around the edges may prove cumbersome.


Price: $54.95 USD

If you like the luxury look, but would prefer to avoid too much bulk, you can check out the Sena Lugano Wallet. It’s a lightweight option covered in tumbled leather, available in ‘cognac’ (brown, black and ‘denim’ (blue). The lining in a herringbone print microsuede and there’s even a silver trim for as a finishing touch.

The wallet comes in to the affair in the form of three card slots on the back.


Price: starts at $59 USD

Grovemade makes high quality wood and leather cases in both walnut and maple. Each is hand crafted and designed by a team of makers with a variety of expertise.

The wood and leather wallet case is a favorite of ours, but the most novel is the humble Bumper. There aren’t too many well-made wooden bumper cases out there and it has the added incentive of being the cheapest of the three options.


Price: starts at $24.99 USD

Incipio makes a large range of great covers. This time it’s not the materials that stand out (there’s no wood to be found here), but the styling and build quality. Given the already massive size of the 6 Plus, the Incipio Feather case should have obvious appeal. It’s super-thin and made from a soft-touch material that helps significantly with grip.

Of course, if you’re after a bit more drop protection, there are plenty of others to choose from on the website.


Price: $79.99 USD

Frē is a waterproof case from Lifeproof that also offers significant protection against physical damage. It might sound a bit pricy based on its looks, but when it comes to water-tight cases form must give way to function if you want to keep your gadgets dry and safe.

There’s even a special headphone adapter so you can listen to your tunes without compromising your phone. Lifeproof goes so far as to claim the Frē is water, dirt, snow and shock proof. Four proofs, one cover.


Price: $34.99 USD

The Fuz Felt Case is a little different-looking than your average case thanks to its outer felt layer. It’s still hard and protective under that felt coating, so you’ll have good drop insurance while sporting one of the more unique-looking and feeling cases on the market.


Price: starts at $29.99 USD

Spigen, like Incipio, always gets a shout-out. The two companies offer similar cases in many respects. Once again there’s no fancy materials, but a reliably high level of build quality and a variety of styles.

For the 6 Plus the Slim Armor is a great choice. It’s protective, but doesn’t add too much bulk, and it even sports a little flip-out stand so you can make best use of that big 5.5 inch screen. If you’re after looks, there’s the Neo Hybrid Metal, which is bound to turn a head or two.


Price: starts at $59.99 USD

The Spinn Case is a rustic wrap for your new-aged gadget. Available in three colours (black, brown and a lighter brown), it’s essentially a phone holster made from distressed leather. For a normal phone you might this this is a niche product, but for a pocket-busting behemoth like the 6 Plus everyone should see the advantage.

The inside is a soft ultra-sued to keep your screen clean and scratch fee. Best of all, you can buy it in different sizes based on whether you want a regular case attached to your 6 Plus, or if you prefer to rock it naked.

Under the flap is its namesake feature: a small toggle attached to a circle of leather. This is so that you can wrap your headphone cords around the case to create as much or as little slack as you want, or even to keep them tucked away when not in use.

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