Chatr Wireless

Unlimited Local Talk

Chatr Wireless
Total Price
$20 per month + $10 upfront
None included
Calls & Texts
Unlimited Minutes
Local Minutes in your local zone
Prepaid (1 Month)
Per 1 Month Recharge
+ $10 Upfront
Direct purchasing link not supplied

Plan Details

About this Plan

Includes unlimited talk in your local zone. You must be located in a Chatr unlimited zone to make unlimited outgoing calls at no charge.

Outgoing text is $0.40 per message and voicemail is $0.40 retrieval charge per minute.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Local Talk & IncomingText

Free incoming messages and local calls when you are located in a Chatr Unlimited Zone. Premium messages excluded.

Unlimited In-Zone Usage

Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver districts are worry-free Chatr zones where talk is unlimited.

Other Included Features

With Chatr, the following features are also included:

  • Voicemail ($0.40/min.)
  • Call Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Group Calling

No Term Contracts or Credit Checks

Buy a Chatr phone or a Chatr SIM Card (if you bring your own device) to start your unlimited plan without bills, contracts or credit checks.


Sign up for Auto-Pay to preauthorize payment system that charges your monthly chatr payment automatically to your credit card, on your anniversary date each month.

Network Coverage

Chatr runs on the Rogers network which covers 94% of the population. Charges applies when you roam outside of Chatr zones.

Key Points


  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • Unlimited Local Minutes


  • Able to change plan up and back for free
  • US Talk: 40¢/min

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront
Plan Chatr Wireless Unlimited Local Talk $20.00
Minutes Unlimited Minutes (Local Minutes in your local zone) -
Fees SIM Card $10.00
Total $30.00


Rates Cost
Additional minutes $0.40 per minute
Text messages $0.40 each
Picture messages $0.50 each
Excess data $0.05 per MB

Other Phones Available

Sort Phones:


Simple flip phone with a 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth

ZTE Z223

Clam Shell feature phone with a 2" display, microSD card slot, VGA camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and FM radio

ZTE Jasper LTE

Android Marshmallow smartphone with 4 inches TFT screen and 5MP camera.


Android 5.1 device with 4.5" display, 5MP camera and 1.1GHz Quad-Core CPU

Samsung Galaxy J1

Entry-level smartphone with 4.3" display, 5MP camera and 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy J3

Android 5.1 device with 5" display, 5MP camera and 1.2GHz quad-core processor

Huawei GR5

Android 5.1 device with 5.5" display, 13MP camera and Octa-Core CPU

More about Chatr Wireless

Chatr Mobile is a Canadian Wireless service provider, owned by Rogers Communications and operating on the Rogers GSM network, offering a nationwide service across Canada.

On the Local Talk zone plan ($20/Month unlimited local talk plan) customers can enjoy unlimited local talk within their designated local talk zone. If users find themselves outside of their local talk zone, they will still have cell phone coverage on the Chatr network, but pay-per-use charges will apply to their usage.

Customers can bring their own phones as long as they are unlocked, fully paid off, and GSM 3G-compatible. Customers who meet these requirements, simply need to purchase a Chatr mobile SIM card from any Chatr retail location or on their website. Members who purchase their product online can activate their new plan/phone on Chatr’s website.

Customers who have a phone number from another provider can  keep their current number and port it to Chatr. For those looking for a new device, Chatr offers major brands such as LG, ZTE, Motorola, and Nokia.

Despite being a smaller carrier, Chatr provides customers with quality nationwide voice and data coverage at reasonable monthly costs.

Getting Started: Chatr Cell Phone Plans

Fast Facts: Chatr Wireless

iPhone SE

Chatr Mobile is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator which operates under the Rogers Communications network. It is one of three MVNO’s owned by Rogers operating in Canada.

  • Network: With the Chatr network, coverage is backed by a premium LTE browsing experience which includes Extended Coverage for far-reaching places. Chatr also offers customers Wi-Fi Calling so you'll be covered when you have no wireless signal.
  • Coverage: Chatr has a reliable network that covers 94% of the Canadian population. Chatr’s network offers Canadians a reliable experience coast-to-coast, helping keep Canadians connected wherever they go.
  • Where to Buy: New customers can buy Chatr smartphones or monthly service plans super easy. Products must be purchased by heading into your nearest local Chatr retailer.
  • Buying a New Phone: Buying a new phone from Chatr is easy. Once you've made it into the nearest Chatr retailer store, you'll you be required to have your name, date of birth, a valid credit card and a valid Canadian ID. It's that simple.
  • Tethering: Customers can use their Chatr add-on to tether other smart devices. Chatr data add-ons are designed for emailing, surfing the web, instant messages and keeping you socially connected on-the-go. 

Fact: Chatr offers Micro or Nano SIMs required for smartphones. However, you will need to re-configure APN settings of your smartphone if you are going to use a non Chatr device.

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